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This innovative two-line paraglider redefines active control. Experience unparalleled glide performance while maneuvering with rear risers, all without compromising stability or canopy recovery.

Join us and discover MERLIN!

Detailed Description

For pilots who prioritize mastering flight tactics over collapse concerns, MERLIN is the ultimate choice. This two-line wing boasts exceptional resistance and stability in turbulent air, combined with high passive safety and intuitive handling for an unmatched flying experience.

MERLIN is the ideal companion for ambitious sports pilots, excelling in cross-country potential. Its construction enables tight, flat turns in the narrowest thermals, maximizing performance. Minimizing line length (191 meters for size M) was a key focus during development, optimizing the wing's glide ratio. Thanks to its passive safety features, Merlin is also a great option for pilots transitioning from a high B category.

Designed for advanced pilots with a minimum of 50 hours of annual flight time, Prepare to be impressed - once you try MERLIN, you might just be hooked!

Why Pilots Love Merlin:

  • Intuitive control and exceptional agility

  • Canopy delivers clear and responsive feedback

  • Excels in headwind penetration and thermal climbing

  • Highly efficient for rapid climb in thermals

  • Balanced lateral and spanwise stability even at full speed bar

  • Delivers top-tier performance with a high level of safety

Main Features:

  • AFI (Anti-Flutter Intake): Leading edge reinforcements prevent cell vibrations at higher speeds.

  • MAD (Minimalized Aerodynamic Drag): Utilizing a clever construction, we significantly reduced line length and overall air resistance. For size M (88-104 kg), total line length is just 191 meters.

  • SRC (Single Rod Construction): A single nylon rod reinforces the leading edge, ensuring profile stability.

  • Comfort-focused B Risers: The handle on the B riser is designed for maximum comfort during long speed bar transitions. Its shape minimizes the risk of cord entanglement in case of a collapse.

  • Durable and Lightweight Materials: Built with high-quality, lightweight materials for optimal performance.

  • BST (B-Stall Tips): The easiest and most direct way to increase descent is by stalling the tip by pulling the sheathed BU3 main line.

SIZE                      S             SM               ML              L              XL  

Flat surface (m²)      20.45           22.50              24.17             26.14           28.45
Aspect ratio                6.3              6.3                   6.3                 6.3               6.3
Number of cells           67               67                    67                  67                67
Glider weight (kg)         -               4.53                 4.82               5.17                -
Ideal weight  (kg)      70-80          81-92              93-104         105-117    118-130
Weight range (kg)     65-80          77-92              88-104         100-117    112-130
Certification                                  EN-C                EN-C            EN-C

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