NVOLO är en kombinaton av hjälm och headset. Du kan få det som du vill ha det.

Med Bluetooth, 2 metets radio, flygradio, kopla in din Gopro kamera, Egen design på din hjälm med logga eller din favoritfärg, du kan också få korporna i samma färg som hjälmen. Visir eller glasögon.

En hjälm med tusen möjligheter.

På alla hjälmar har vi valt Peltor Optime II-brusreducerande headset

NVolo Hjälmar


Har du Peltofästen på din hjälm så passar NVolo hedsett. tex Icaro hjälmar.

One of the strengths of our company is the choice of high quality raw materials combined with the continuous search for new emerging technologies on the market to be always at the forefront, to satisfy the most technological and to astonish our customers.We always try to satisfy those who make special requests, so if you don’t find what you are looking for between products below, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make your request.

We will surely try to please you.We have chosen the Peltor Optime II noise-canceling headsets as they combine a modern design with a tapered line to an excellent soundproofing level and good comfort thanks to its wide and soft pads that reduce the pressure exerted around the ear.To make the headsets aesthetically more attractive, we offer a carbon look finish that perfectly fits the line of our carbon helmets.On request, for the most demanding it is also possible to have 3M Peltor X5 headsets that have even higher quality levels, guaranteeing a very high noise reduction. 

NEWS 2023: 

1. THE HEADSETS WITH THE RADIO SYSTEM IS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL RADIOS ON THE MARKET: PORTABLE (LPD/PMR AEROANUTIC) AND PANEL RADIOS, just open the headsets and change the setting to switch from one radio to another.

2. YOU CAN HAVE A SELECTOR TO CHANGE THE MICROPHONE (dynamic/electret à important for aircraft with a panel radio);

3. POSSIBILITY OF INTERCOM CONNECTING TWO HEADSETES WITH A CABLE (WITHOUT BLUETOOTH)The headset has obviously kept and improved the characteristics, you can:-have 2 radio systems so as to be able to use the headset by managing two radios at the same time;-add the bluetooth system;-connect the headset to an action cam / video camera / audio recorder, to record conversations that take place during the flight in the video;-add the sidetone, to have the feedback of one's own voice in the headsets;-change the microphone impedance from high to low.


Technology is designed for tandem, for student / instructor lessons, but not only, it has many other functions, it is possible indeed:-

Communicate between two pilots on separate aircraft flying within a kilometer radius, without having to take their hands off the controls, for quick and instantaneous communication (without having to press PTT) between two or more aircraft;

Connect your smartphone or mp3 player via bluetooth to listen to your favorite music or conveniently answer calls even in flight, without the speaker hearing any noise and without other pilots connected being able to hear your call.

Listen to the FM radio comfortably even in flight

 NEW BLUETOOTH 2023  5.0  with improved features.

-connect up to 6 DEVICES talking at the same time;

-connection of up to 2 PHONES WITH ONE DEVICE;

-1000 METERS range-voice commands-duration of 10 hours of autonomy, the batteries are easily rechargeable via a USB socket.-

It is equipped with a multifunctional button that allows you to activate / deactivate the various functions described above, and adjust the volume or search for an FM radio station.

-The microphone is equipped with an advanced noise control system, so communications are perfectIt is also possible on request to mount other model the SENA 10R, SENA30K, SENA 50S or others.



-   Peltor Optime II Headphones

-   Noise emission 31 dB (SNR)

-   Radio system for dual band and aeronautical frequency

-   Bluetooth system

-   Universal helmet attachment or support bracket 

-   Microphone on flexible shaft and sponge microphone cover

-   Volume control

-   PTT on the left (on the right upon request)

-   Detachable external cable

-   with connectors for most commercial radios


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FT-65R - VHF/UHF 2 Meter/70cm Dual Band FM Handheld Transceiver

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