Sky Flexor

SKY Flexor -EN 926-1 & DGAC

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Just few steps and you fly. You'll be in the air faster then you can say FLEXORRRRRRRRRRRRR.

FLEXOR is a soft reflex paramotor glider for entry-level and low airtime users, as well as  for intermediate and experienced pilots looking for simplicity, stability and fun in flight. FLEXOR will help you  progress and carefully improve your skills. Feel the power of a soft reflex wing!

FLEXOR is a 100% reflex wing but explicitly designed for its category. The soft reflex profile has the essential shape that provides stability and safety in flight. A wide range of speeds and a very efficient accelerator will allow you to make the most of this soft reflex profile.

FLEXOR, a model from our COMFORT LINE series, is a paramotor and paratrike glider.

With FLEXOR, take-offs and landings are comfortable and very soft. It has never been safer and easier to experience the thrill of flight with its pilot-friendly and easy to use design. Gentle turning and precise control allow for more tolerance for novice pilots and is especially responsive with lower wing loads. With higher wing loads, the precision and dynamic of the glider adjust to meet the rider’s needs, while preserving its high-level safety features and high fun factor.

Key features:

  • SAFS (Skyflex Active Foil System) profile provides pilots maximum stability in all ranges of speed.
  • User-friendly features, manageability and stability.
  • Automatic inflation.
  • Stable, safe and soft to the touch trimmers and speed bar.
  • Easy and intuitive piloting.
  • Maximum stability in turbulent air at maximum speed.
  • Wingtip steering enables piloting the glider without disturbing the reflex profile during XC flights.
  • Lines with covers for excellent durability and longevity.
  • Wide speed range allows pilots to enjoy long-distance flights.
  • FLEXOR 23 25 27 29
    Flat area (m2) 23 25 27 29
    Flat span (m) 10.51 10.95 11.38 11.79
    Flat aspect ratio 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8
    Projected surface (m2) 19.67 21.38 23.09 24.81
    Projected span (m) 8.54 8.9 9.25 9.58
    Projected aspect ratio 3.7 3.7 3.7 3.7
    Number of cells 46 46 46 46
    Weight of the glider (kg) 4.95 5.3 5.6 5.9
    Teake-off weight (kg) 65-100 80-115 90-130 110-150
    Certification DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1

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