Apco Vista V

The Vista has become a legend in its own time… Now in its 5th generation.

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The Vista has become a legend in its own time… Now in its 5th generation, it is lighter, cleaner and with all the latest materials & construction technologies incorporated.

Back in 2014, when Vista III was first introduced, it was a groundbreaking wing. An EN B certified true 3 liner (top to bottom), shark nose wing that performs and feels like a well tuned racing car which excels in strong conditions ! It has set a standard for many other competitor models which came after..

The new Vista V is based on the platform of Vista IV and improved on several key points:

The Vista V is also available with motor risers.
The lightweight canopy makes a huge difference for nil wind forward launches. Its pitch stability turns it into a very pleasant paramotor wing as it cuts through the air almost unaffected by small turbulence. Coupled with its performance, it is a highly efficient paramotor wing perfect for electric engines or low power motors.

The paramotor risers are equipped with trimmers. The flight characteristics remains within the certification while the trimmers are in the closed position. The full test procedures have however been completed in house on these risers with the trimmers in the open position. You can order the Trim Risers (Product Code: 78800P) from your dealer.

V-min [km/h] 21
V-trim [km/h] 39
V-max [km/h] 51+
Min Sink [m/s] at optimal wing loading 0.95

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