Apco Spark 2

Apco SPARK 2

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SPARK II – the most sophisticated sports harness on the APCO range, has been launched by our R&D team. A natural evolution and successor to our popular and very successful Spark II harness. The second generation of Spark represents the latest, most sophisticated sports harness on APCO’s range.
The SPARK II stands out for its comfort, finish and clean lines. The concept of SPARK II is based on latest harness design principles, taking APCO technology to new heights.

Even more comfortable, more sophisticated than ever before SPARK II aimed at pilots who prefer classic harness, looking for total comfort, maximum security, blended with stylish design and loads of extras.

SPARK II shares the philosophy and design approach with rest of our harnesses (positioned directly above our EDGE II) perfectly fitting in our range.

The pilot protection environment of SPARK II shares the same elements as EDGE, including full airfoam backprotector with backplate and side protectors, but takes pilot safety protection even further. Extensive use of new attractive materials and latest hardware, makes the difference – allowing to offer a much more attractive harness with beautiful finishing touches and reduced weight.

  • ighter weight only 3.4 kg. (harness, not including seatplate)
  • Molded clean shape and sleek outline
  • Ultimate comfort and protection 15cm. air-foam protector + 5cm. foam/ airmesh
  • APCO exclusive load spreading semi-rigid elements integrated into back of the harness
    Optional side protectors – high energy absorbing polystyrene
  • Plenty of space for storage in back pocket
  • Connection point for both ballast and radio
  • Built-in ABS system with APCO unique weight shift sensitivity adjuster
  • Optional foot steerup for added comfort and supine flying
  • Heavy duty, scratch resistant bottom cloth
  • Additional internal pocket in the back
  • Airmesh pillows for added support and hip comfort, combined with 3D air-mesh shoulders
  • + much, much more……Paragliding Harness
    Pilot Height Up to 170cm 170 - 185cm 180 and up
    Back Length (mm) A 680 750 790
    Seat Length (mm) B 370 410 470
    Seat Width (mm) C 350 390 400
    Distance between Karabiners (mm) D 375 - 575 375 - 575 375 - 575
    Supported Back Length (mm) E 400 420 420
    Hook-in Height (mm) F 390 415 440
    Weight of Harness 3.450 [Kg] 3.550 [Kg] 3.650 [Kg]
    Standard Seatplate 0.500 [Kg] 0.500 [Kg] 0.500 [Kg]
    Airfoam Protector 0.750 [Kg] 0.750 [Kg] 0.750 [Kg]
    Airfoam Lexan Plate 0.300 [Kg] 0.300 [Kg] 0.300 [Kg]
    Side plate set of 2 0.120 [Kg] 0.120 [Kg] 0.120 [Kg]
    Total weight incl. options 5.120 [Kg] 5.220 [Kg] 5.320 [Kg]

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