RIGID CAGE 4 PARTS 140-150 cm

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The 4-part cages are made for the M4 and 2016 frames (PSF and ABM).

made in high strenght aluminium alloy with a drop-shaped aerodynamic profile 20x10 mm

easy divisible in 4 parts for transport, the delivery transport box for 150 cm cage is 20x80x90 cm.

The kit include the low part of the frame, the 5ft part in fact.

The netting is already set and tense in every sector, this solution don't need to hang and tight the net every time, so it may be a good solution for those who find it difficult to mount the flexible cage.


It can be mounted in any 2016 or M4 frame, with simple modifications to the frame. It is necessary the use of some basic tools, we advise you to contact your retailer if you do not practice mechanics.

the 140 cm cage is suitable for the 130 cm propeller,

the 150 cm cage is suitable for 140 cm propeller,

on both sizes we also recommend the use of the article propeller spacer


due to small differences on the frame hang point we offer 2 versions : 2016 (ABM) or M4 (PSF)


Standard colour is black, special colour on request

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