Composite Propeller MiniPlane Top 80

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Beskrivning av artikel

New thin laminar profiles (12%), high-performance, 

its best features are more evident using modern paragliders at high speed.



composite glass / carbon

2 blades decomposable

diameter 125 for 20/72 gear

diameter 125 or 130 for gearbox 19/73


about the codes :

  • T1HA has a little more pitch compared to T1H, we suggest T1H in altitude 
  • new design PV with a scimitar shape ends



 this article may be ordered in standard or light version, shape, form and profile are the same

standard version with a recognized, mythical high impact resistance.

the standard version is repairable in most cases (to be assessed from time to time). It is the best choice in the presence of sand or grass.

The light version is on average lighter by about 30%, it is built with a different technology and with a higher percentage of carbon fiber.
For example T1HPV weight only 545 grams instead of the standard 855 grams.

The user, however, should know that the impact resistance is lower and in many cases the propeller is not repairable. It is the best choice for compettion use.