Advance SUCCESS 4

SUCCESS 4: Safety & Comfort First

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The SUCCESS 4 is more than just a new addition to the popular SUCCESS family: its outstanding level of safety - far exceeding the general protector certification criteria – makes it something special. Its perfect seating geometry and a stylishly clean silhouette recommends this modern sports harness to those leisure and cross country pilots who value comfort combined with low aerodynamic drag.

SUCCESS 4 SMLPilot hightcm155-172165-183178-202Seating widthcm3435.537Seatboard depthcm404446Carabiner heightcm424446Chest strap widthcm42-5442-5442-54Harness weightkg3.904.004.20Weights speed systemkg0.080.080.08Harness certificationEN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kgEN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kgEN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kg

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