(ACC170a) Handy Box MY20

Service väska med allt du behöver till dom första 100 timmarna

1 750,00 SEK

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Beskrivning av artikel

New Moster 185 MY 20, Handy Box 

Is suitable for all versions of the Moster 185 MY '20. 

It's a small supply of spare parts to use for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of the engine, thanks to a ready-to-use kit that allows you to intervene for the small necessities.

All parts can be used for the programmed 100-hour revision.


We recommed that you always ask for advice from your dealer for the use of each individual part of the box


WARNING: The components highlighted in red absolutely must be used by professionals with specific skills. If not used by professional, there is a risk of serious damage to the engine, and also to personal safety. If used without the supervision of a professional the guarantee on the engine is not valid.


Here you can find the complete list of all the components in the kit:

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